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Our Services


  • Block Cleaning

  • Cylinder Boring

  • Honing

  • Head Rebuilding

  • Crank Shaft Grinding

  • Rod Work

  • Sleeve Work

  • Magnafluxing

  • Sonafluxing

  • Pressure Testing

  • Press Work

  • Resurface Flywheels

  • Grinding Brake Drums and Rotors

  • Engine Rebuilding: 
        Automotive, Agricultural, Industrial, and Marine motors.

  • Engine Balancing











Our Equipment


  • Rottler Boring bar

  • Sunnen Honing bar

  • Sunnen Rod Hone

  • Storm Vulcan crankshaft grinder

  • Tamco align bore

  • Magnaflux Corporation magnaflux

  • and much more. 

Engine Rebuild
Engine rebuilds

before and after of a build we did for the Bob Marley’s Museum that was built to go in Bob Marley’s Land  Rover

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